Terms and Conditions

SkyFUN Company Limited (WE/ US/ OUR/ SITE) is the sole owner of SkyFUN.travel platform. You must be at least 18 years old to use our site. Our terms and conditions may be modified and updated from time to time without prior notice. The updated version will be published on our site. This is not limited to changes of terms and conditions of service providers.
1) SkyFUN.travel is a platform which you can make booking for many services provided by our selected airlines, hotels, attractions, personal service (vendors). In general, booking and updated to booking will be confirm via email.
2) We reserved the right not to process the booking and/ or cancel the booking following our conditions, without reason giving. If the booking is cancelled by us, we will refund such payment to you in timely manners, through acceptable methods, without fee.
2) Terms and condition of products and services are subject to the providers (airlines/ hotels/ etc.) which may be different form information shown on our site. Please check the updated information with those vendors. We are not responsible for any liability regarding products and/ or service quality.
4) Changes and modification of travel date, service time, etc. must be made in advance within the allowed timeframe by contact us and/ or contact the vendor directly. We are not guarantee the availability of the new scheduled, and you are responsible to pay additional charges which may be occurred.
5) Cancellations and modifications of the booking are subject to terms and conditions of vendors. Please ensure you have read and understand conditions of products and services.
6) In case of refund, we may charge or withhold the cost that has been incurred with the cancellation.
7) We do not guarantee that special request and/ or additional service without fee that you have made through our site will be taken by the vendors. This is not limited to any other benefits that the vendors provide to loyal members (i.e. hotel point, airlines’ frequent flyer program benefits).
8) You are responsible for any required document(s) and/ or any process and action to meet requirements of destination, products, and services that you have selected and made booking through our site. 
9) Payment for the booking must be made within specific timeframe otherwise booking will be terminated and we are not responsible for any related products and/ or services booking within or outside our site, as well as the changes of booking price in case the vendors offers dynamic pricing. Payment must be made in the currency that we accept. We reserved the right to collect additional charge or price difference causing by currency exchange as of the date of payment. 
10) We reserved the right to reject payment, as well as cancel booking in case fraud detection and/ or vendors reject to receive booking without reason giving.
11) Promotional price for specific product and/ or bundle package may be different from promotional price offered directly by vendors on different platforms. Terms and conditions of promotional products and services may be different from others. 
11) Membership program; SkyFUN.travel is partnered with Thai VietJet Air Joint Stock Co., Ltd SkyFUN loyalty program to offer membership benefits. By participating in the membership program benefits, you are agreed with terms and conditions of SkyFUN loyalty program which are published here (https://funcoin.vietjetair.com/client#!/customer/pages/term-and-condition)
12) Privacy policy concerning your personal information collection can be found in Privacy Policy section published on SkyFUN.travel website
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14) All trademarks, product names, and company names and logos appearing on the site are the property of their respective owners

15) We accept no liability for any losses or claims arising from any inability to access the site or any failure to complete a transaction; including any loss, cost, expense or damage of any nature (whether direct or indirect), resulting from browsing, booking, using our products or services or vendors’ products or service, as well as contacting for our support.
16) We will not be responsible for lost, misdirected, bounced, or late delivery of booking information delivered via email
17) We aims to ensure that viruses (or other programs having adverse effects) do not reside on the site, yet we accept no responsibility for any virus or other malicious code that a voucher holder may acquire from the use of the site or from any supplier site or any third party.

18) Governing Law; terms and conditions are in accordance with the Law of Thailand